Dear machas and minachis....

maybe ill be too bz to keep myself up to date with the blog...
anyhow ill surely miss dis 'll starts next week...
gotta keep up with studies... turn off any distraction ..

about those pic... i dont knoe why it dint came out
strange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyhow...i cant relli explain it ...hurm
ive been thru alot of confusion
maybe it was all explained...but still
i still haf alot of confusion

3 attempt...
all of them fail
or end up with confusion
cant relli explain why...

ok..yall free to think that im desperate
skin deep my friend..
u dunno me
failure aint stopping me
it;s just not my time
after all i've misunderstood the situation
sorry if it concerns any other party
i like her
she was wise enuff not to take me
all 3 of them
better luck next time aj
Allah loves u.... insyaAllah!

aku pasrah ya Allah...


anyway ... im opening an audition on this matter
who ever interested ...dial 911 ..

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