Munajat - Supplication

Alone, in the darkness of my night
In the loneliness of my path
My worries weigh me down
My sins pain me

Alone, I supplicate to You and I hope
From my sins I complain
I have no one but You
I am at Your door

So forgive a servant who intimately calls You
O Allah (SWT), O Allah (SWT)
You are all hope, From You is guidance
O Allah (SWT), O Allah (SWT)

O Allah (SWT) give me your guidance
For I am still imprisoned
Of disobedience I am no longer capable
So illuminate my paths and forgive my sins
For I am poor and in need of You

My heart has returned to walk on the path
Full of joy and longing, flying to God
And its only hope is gaining your pleasure
On the day of meeting You
You are the Omnipotent

-Sami Yusuf-

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