Spot Check v.1

okeh dudes and dudettes , frappers and frapperers,
tonite spot check is My Small yet smellY wallet
Model= Tomorrow's Look


let see what we haf XD


2.ATM card... I dunno if its a Halal cant be help..
the only atm branch around here is RHB..darurat XD

3.3 Forged IC...just in case FBI Wanted me Or sumthin

4.Resit Nirmala dated back 1st March 2006 ... XD

5.Resit Giant Miri ... some can drinks i bought mase
pegi tgk Sprint Test ngan Qoi and Vesp

6.Bills ... hahah yup ...$$$ Rm 1 (juz for display)
Financial budget is super Confidential XD

7.Handwritten Jadual Solat XD
someone make a pocket
Time table for Miri Plis....
For PeTe Sake...why everything is for Kl only ...-_-''

there ya go...later we korek sum other thing
for spot check session aite
maybe my neighbours closet XD
who knows...

wasalam - aj

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