The 18th

Tonight marks the passing of
August the 7th
.. which means ..
i'll be 18 in 14 days
hmmm let see
??hows teenage life??
my teenage life XD
bitter sweet
face many obstacle
in life so far
Running down the memory lane
of those days
those Glory Day
all those Metal Cookies
Long Jump
Football School Champ
School Prank
Class Monitor
Looks like we'll be
going in separate ways now
but i'll haf them right
by my prayer
all of them
including Wak
thanx for keeping da toilet
sparkle Clean
ignoring those monkeys
who never seems to learn how
to shoot straight

you see from hadith
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once said
(something like that)
-im not pretty sure thou-
" my ummah will live a life "
-of an average of 60 years-
So lets do some reality check
lets round it up by 2 years
make it 20
if average of 60 years old
we haf gone thru 1/3 of lifeline
lets ask ourselves wut we haf done
from that one third of the life we had
if 1/3 was too short ...
how short the other 2/3 can be??
half of the 1/3 is the clean record
since we havent reach puberty
wut about the other half??
haf u spent it well
haf i spent it well??
if u ask me
i would say no
not dat well
so now u haf the ratio of
Good deeds : Bad deeds
where do u stand
are you 2:4?
or u even near to half??
ok even if u haf balance ratio
haf u respected well the sunnah
to be given the shafaah
from The Prophet (pbuh)

and for this coming
18th anniversary
i haf commited to myself
for better of Good
to continue to stay low
beside Allah s.w.t
obey all his rules
and also
to SMILE more
see =)
i knoe im not relli a smiler type XD
but ill try harder
hee hee
lame lame
to look out for each other
to cherish every moment
and prepare myself for the calling
dont get scared XD

after all
commitment wasnt all that bad
ok im not lecturing u
just so u knoe
im speaking for myself
it wasnt all that bad
..we worry too much about what around us..
we forget about what in front of us
..we see too far ahead..
we forget whats around us
try not to see too far
-dun just ponder on white clouds-
see somewhere far enough
just enough to reflect
them in our life
..nothing wrong about being ambitious..
just dont forget the plank ok

so yuh better luck ahead
to all you guys

oh yuh for my 18th prez
nothing that ill appreciate
more than ur forgiveness
forgive me in the PAST
forgive me in the PRESENT
forgive me in the FUTURE

thats all i need

yeehaw ayub v.2
jiwang ...
puit XDD
sorry for the compulsion
thats just the way i am

ayub OUT!


and here all i'll include
recently edited photos
of the one i missed




-dik yan-

and for self publicity
dengan tak malunya

well i miss myself also

ok ok
think deep about ur life

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