2 am's Confession

if its not because
of tomorrow's class start
at 12.30 noon
i wont be wide awake like this
just completed
a project proposal
and my part of lab report
another thing that im sure greatful
of about this sem
everybody starting to take some effort
to at least do something
and play part in a group
XD Alhamdulillah!!!!!
hope this co-working environment
last until sem finish XD
then i would consider giving
each one of them hugs and kisses =)

part of me tired due to this evening game..
all was ok
...except for biceps...
overtwisted la kot
nemine will recover in 2 weeks time
and swollen lips =O
kinda used to it
doesnt bother me much

ma! i always felt like
crying everytime i heard your voice
i overheard those lullaby
your laugh
your smile
you to ayah!
iman also...
sob sob
dik yan...
i dun think so XD
har har har
joking joking
of course i love u la
minah ngokngek! XD hee hee
nanti abang balik jumaat depan
kite pegi tgk movie??
nak nak?

..yup yup...
darn right
im coming home next friday
tuition free week
this time
im hoping that we can have
100% subuh attendence to da mosque
cuz da last time abit
..i dont blame anyone thou..
except myself
its part of my "ikhtiar"
to change for the better
from 18 years old until i die
clean record
for Allah swt!!
not easy
not impossible

abang kerol taught me
you dont have to be great to start
but you have to start to be great


above picture is a picture of
-idontknowwhat- flower at
Tanjung Lobang beach
where groups of brothers and sisters
playing beach football and kites
i was so happy seeing salman a nigerian
having fun with the kite
it is so blissful =D way to go salman

not all were lucky thou
to bro salam
takziah XD har har har

edited 273 picS of
Family Day
but its all worth it XD

whoever reading this
i just want to say
i miss you
whoever you are
wherever you maybe

Gosh I miss-ed The Chicken
i only had one ketul
..but aiyoh...
it haunts me sameway like
mamah's donut did

kay kay 2.30
i think ill off for now XD
miss u whoever u are

best regard

-Ayub Jamil-

p/s- im sorry that i cant view any photos from flickr farm coz
campus blocked the source site...
so be off from flickr for awhile
and ill not comment on any of the pictures
because -_-'' its just not there
sorry again

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at: November 10, 2007 at 2:53 PM said...

i miss u too...very much