At Times

oh Allah
i feel lonely oh Allah
i feel guilty oh Allah
whenever i fall
u raised the rainbow inside me
allowing me to fall on the cotton clouds
and giving me chance to push myself up
whenever i felt so down
.. at times ..
i feel like
im wined up between the vines
cut my cheek
grit my teeth
shedding those tears of pain
and all that i could remember
is you oh Allah
.. at times ..
im on my knees
cloaked in my worn out wears
with my heart pumping slow
and my lung
exhaling cold guilt
white pearl on the cheek
looking up high
just to find you
oh Allah times..
i lay flat
on my back
my eyes
all dried
cheek on da soil
and starred sharply
on dis two shaking hands
wondering how wrong could this all be times..
i stood alone
looking around on
those laughters
those smiles
those cry
those scream
those lies
so far and so close to real
but always seem unreal
and i wonder about you
oh Allah times..
i listen to the silent
trying to figure out
where i can find you
oh Allah times..
when i laugh
i paused for the moment
trying to figure the meanings
of all those happiness
that you gave to me
..oh Allah..
forgive this sin
rinse this soul
bless this life
for i sold my world
for the cause
..for You..
except You

oh Allah
take me to you
Take Me
Forgive Me
Pardon Me
Humble Me
You are the one and only
..Allah SWT...


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