-Cant Think of a Title-

another day in curtin
watched basic instinct
just now
luv da story line
but bloody heck
-so much of freaking sex scenes-
wut sup with da cinematic element
of 21st century movies
full of sexual behavior
publicity publicity
i planned to take picture
with my friends today
so i did =)
caught couple of pictures
there ya go the three stooges
me , chuma , and chee
da wind was blowing hard
the camera flew off
luckily it fell on da grass
to chee and chuma
i knoe u will not be reading this
i knoe u dont
maybe ill tell u guys about da blog later
but for now
i just want to say
no matter how much u screwed up timetable.. timing.. life..
i will always feel
the warmth of ur present
and im sure glad u screwed me up
and chuma
i knoe ur turning 30 soon
but u always humble to me
eventhou u r way older than
this small midget
..not to mention size wise..
and i never really mind that
u always dig in my
cookie jar to fill ur gigantic stomach
..but try to not to mess da floor with..
..da crumb..
and also try to
fit one piece at a time
....and mr.chee....
everytime i hailed
on ur grammar mistake
it wasnt meant to intimidate you
but i just want to correct wuts wrong
so that ur soft tounge
can express everything inside
those big tender heart of yours
sorry to you two
im not ignorant on your ideas and stuff
its just
somtimes time is too tight
and everything went so fast
it seems that im only taking
my ideas into consideration
but in reality its not true
if only we had more time
we can discuss and make sure
everyone get the best out of everything
trust me
i want u guys to succeed just like
i want myself to
and to melissa
when i appointed you to
represent our group
im not trying to use you
or nething
when u starred at me
and started sulking
...i feel like freaking...
thunder just hit me
and deep down i can hear
myself screaming
"WTH haf i done!" just..
out of all that i knoe
u haf the best english
i knoe u got the mass to come upfront
and kick ass
im sorry if u were upset
to LYP and the whole brilliant Homme
in chem group
i think ill pass da invitation
i just realize i cant bail
from chuma and chee just because
they gave me hard time
giving them some hand could be meaningful
to them and to me
i knoe ur group will do better than mine
but WTH rite =)
my life is not always about success
something which most of the time are meaningless me..
ill announce to the group when im ready
owkey sweetie!
and to those chicks
who never seems to
stop dancing around me
..sometimes i just dont understand..
wut are u guys up to
and try not to stare
at me in LT
im easily aroused
i appreciate u always
look after me
but cud u be abit subtle
about it
cuz im having a hard time concentrating
everytime someone stare at me
so yuh pliss understand
k babe!
and vespa
if u skip class again
to go and play DOTA
ill throw u and ur bike inside
da lake!!

dats it for today
great timing
and to
Madam Oktavia Rosari Ntjahja
..Wut a HaRd RawkiNG name u got..
im digging it XDD
todays game was nice!!!

phew im all out..
class tomorrow at 10
need to rest
Good Windy Night Mischevious Readers
if there are any -_-''

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