... MasyaAllah ...
What a scenery
sheer beauty
i think im starting to realize
why i was destined to study hear
to be here
to witness on the plenty
of God's wonders
to apperciate the sight from one
horizon to another

a danish word for
the other day i forgot
to pray Asar when i was
to preoccupied with my lab work
Forgive Me oh Allah
keep me away from the threat of
God Forbid
... You see ...
no matter how in control u think you are
humans are still forgetful
the main purporse and my life routine
which i hold as my life
also can slip between the crack
....may Allah guide me thru this hardship....
take me couple of days to recover
up to today im still thinking about it
---may Allah accept dis taubah---

went for my first blood donation attempt
walked down to LT Foyer
Filled half of the form
sampai part age
....i was like....
i said
" miss can i donate blood if im still 17 ah? "
she said
" need consent later from parent then oni can"
"but akak...ill be 18 in 7 days...cum on la"
aiyo baru nak semangat
hurm listening to my newly bougth CD
Muse Supermassive Black Hole XD
nice weyh XD
im stucked in a song name
sweet babe!!
Soldier's Poem
always remind me
of NJ with its jazzy riff
chello bass , brush drum
Muse tere part tone and acapella
basic riff always gempak as always
this album he made his own custom
Fender Telecaster guitar with touchboard
on da side of da saddle
so its like screaming whammer on da side
of da string
Creative creative XD
unlike buckethead
just plain killswitch
still Buckethead Rawk the Sox!

.... oh papa mama ....
i miss u as always la babe!!!
u too mame and yanyan

oh yuh Class Ngaji venue
has change to our house
since Unc.Zoob passed away
da clan need to
take the responsibilities
cuz usually it'll be held in his house
noble man

--mangosteen project--
looking good so far
pray for me so it'll go well
because im goin into an unstepped territory
very little research done on it
when i try googling on the topic
not even 1 article about 'em
chellenge huh!
no go no win!
yeahhh banzaii!!!
keep ur spirit up ayub!!!!!!
itll be worth it XDDD
for Allah SWT!
everything is possible
Iman over Matter

okeh calowh!
tek ker werld!

happy doing on whatever u guys up to!!!

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