Hey All
har har har
apa kabar semua!
sorry la
freaking Error kept me away from blogging
all da while i tot
it was da connection kurang sihat
come to realize about it
something wrong with FireFox's Plug in
haih -_-''
Back on IE..
Do u knoe that IE consume more RAM
well no harm bkak skali skala
kan kan kan ??!!

Last Night went for jogging
around campus
Not for long
The air is so polluted
looks like jerebu is here
so 1.30 in da morning i decided
to make da U turn before da smoke
continue to wither my small lung

Study is OK so far

dat pic was taken before i left home
kinda miss them's only been a week
but i kept hearing their voices in my head
thnx for calling me every week mama!!
hee hee -_-''

Religion wise
..Ok also..
Not going for the details
but it's OK la
alhamdulillah so far

Al-Fatihah to late uncle Zoob
who passed away during the triathlon challenge
da other day
came out on the news
Thanx For the Electric Guitar
He Inspired me into Photography
and also cycling...

oh yuh wanna see a picture of me
roaming da campus alone in the dark
Night Rider

somehow i feel more secure
during night time
when time is frozen
where no one can be found
and sight is just plain black
cool breeze
in the same time makes me wonder
why do i love to be alone
why why?

ok lah wasalam
oh yuh
and bye bye
to whom that matters!!

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