Kudos to Kak Siti!!! XD

A great malaysian artist Siti Nurhaliza
who turned into millionaire even during her younger times
and scored many success on her own effort
including a successful concert of Traditional Malaysian Song Concert
at Royal Albert Hall

and after a long wait
she is starting to change her personality
and started covering herself properly
in my own view ...this changes really meant alot to the society
as she is an icon or an artist that alot of malaysian take example of
she is very modest and endured alot malaysian musical traditions than most
eventhough blessed with many success she was never snucked up
and even during the controversial Sharifah Aini case
now she is back from Hajj and alhamdulillah
she is starting to cover herself modestly
and insyallah be a good and long lasting example
to other youngsters and adults alike

so Kak Siti... forget the controversy about the tudung thingy
alot of malaysian have pessimistic mind
but Allah SWT will always be there for you

may Allah bless her with best of deen, health and happiness
and of course a good journey home


-and something extra XD-
i managed to get 2 of her short clips
of her reading Quran during Ramadhan month
Good try Kak Siti! XD

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