My Lil' Ninja Weapon XD

ok this particular one i bought from PC FAIR
called Samsung YP-U3 which able to capacitate
2GB and multifuntional gizmo at the same time
for a price RM 250 after bargain XD

thou it is quite a number up there
but let me tell you! it's really worth it
what ever you invest in the way of Allah
will never be a waste

the reason why i bought mp3 player
in the first place because
ya' know when you have alot
..of hidden time while waiting..
on the way to somewhere
wait here
wait there
wait wait wait

and in the car listening to people's crap on the radio
crappy music
people whining about something which
they are not suppose to except to those who concern
advice to you all k
when you have problem in ur family or even friends
the secret should be within the family and should not be
exposed to other people except middle person whose soul
purpose to help solve YOUR PROBLEM!
HARAM TAU! yuh ...
stuff like my husband this and that
my wife this and that
solve it and keep it to urself
..DRAmA Queen...
and it's relli a distraction everytime you want to
...focus on ur ibadah ya know...

because i cant afford to put a hailer at everyones ears
i'm able to cut my ears from this meaningless craps
so i bought this...2GB
and uploaded whole Alquran which surprisingly as large
as around 0.5 Gig only
which is great... i even put
some lovely zikr and nasyid which im relli greatful
that im not wasting my life anymore

-slick blue display huh!-

i took it everywhere
its relli are ez , light, compact and small
and it provides a high quality sound system
it last for 15 hours straight!

and ya know also haf radio
so i can listen to the news in campus
cuz ya know its just too far away from the newspaper shop
and also IKIM.FM 91.5 FYI
he he he

not to forget the best feature which i haf to relli relli reelli
give credit is the voice recorder
this feature helped me alot
ya know when u wanted to memorize do'a or stuffs that is
relli handy during the time when you relli need the most
you just cant find the book and bring it everywhere
so this one... ya juz record the particular do'a
..and save it...
and also i use this to record ceramah and usrah
1 hour but small size...only 30 MB .. mp3 format lagi tu!
for my own purpose and to be uploaded into imeem to share around
anddd also which i need to give credit

this feature haf a quick recording button like
when theres a particular dua or supplementation(zikr)
that i frequently hear but too shy to ask them to repeat
and jot down on the note... i'll just put it in front of speaker
or even record it with ur own voice by re-reading and follow along
...with them....
it's good for lectures too...
phone number
and whatever notes that u relli need to write but too lazy to
unpack ur stuffs
but a strong warning thou
he he he
and also during emergency time yuh
some of you may fear like u need to keep plate number
culprits voice or quick brief on personal particulars
which able to help you when police does their ivestigation
it would be relli helpful

it also have settings which can be control
...treble bass and stuffs...
relli relli good
and also they have bright blue LED light
which u can on and off and keep it blinking all the time
this one quite handy

when u are listening to quran on the bed
and you want to find your tasbih in the dark
its relli handy and it can hurts your eyes
after a long while
but its relli not disturbing if you use it during daylight
but the display is just as good during dark situation
black outs or whatever situation you are in

and best of all
unlike iPOD
it haf retractable USB port straight to computer
no wires no messand also it doesnt
haf many working parts the button is touch sensitives
using static technology to make it work
so if its in a pocket it wont relli haf effect
because it needs skin contact
but hey... the japanese
modest enough to include keylock just incase
you guys have hole(s) in ur pocket
HEeee Heeee...

and also its relli an advantage to walk
to eat to wait to jog
to do everything while listening to quran
and stuffs which reminds you of Allah everytime
and it kinda solve my thing which bugs me the most

and you know that life is too short for craps
let say if you compensate only a few minutes a day for wajib prayer
and spend the rest of the day(hours) on things which does
not bring any benefit to you in life
its obvious how the end will be right??

anyhow this is my lil' ninja
do it for Allah
hopefully all of us benefit out of this

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