Was it really worth it ??

Rasulullah SAW once said that his ummah
will have approximately 60 - 70 years
but for the purpose of intensifying the topic
i would refer the calculation on 60
besides... its true that most of us cant even reach 60
anyhow...if someone were to be sleeping for average 8 hours a day
8 hours of waorking... and and the rest for worldly and family affairs
that means we've used 20 years for working + 20 years for sleeping ...
leaving behind 10-15 years for worldly affairs (play games, listening to songs, blogging -_-'') and so on

sad to say... those prayer included in those sets of 10-15 years ...
which means if the time we pray lesser than the time we
-ehem ehem-
u name it
how many years did we spent in the way of Allah

are we even that close to success friends??!!!

NO!! i would say XD

worst still if it were to be credited with all the minus pointer XD
just imagine how many of us eat without dua, sleep without dua,
study without dua and working without niah and dua
how much times were wasted
just imagine how much time we spent on useless things
and those who frequently wear crappy jeans exposing a'urah
those who do not cover their a'urah
which means the whole worldly affairs could affected by sins
every each pairs of eyes counts
no joke friends
in a day God knows how many things we did in life
contradicting Allah's commandment

...making it the whole possibly 8-12 hours of sins sins sins...

so friends where do we stand??
we lived day by day to feed and breed
to fulfill other human's wills
to fulfill our own wills

and let me remind you
the ONLY reasons we were created is to submit to Allah only
that includes prayer, charity, good deeds responsibilities
and obeying his rules and commandment

is that what we are doing??

seriously... is that what our main objective is??

all Allah want from us to give him what he gave to us
pleasure which are smaller than a grain of sand
to be given up for a short while
so that He could reward us with everlasting fullfilling life
and realms which are beyond human imagination to make our own

Imam Ghazali R.A once said if a person have a million of himself
praying to Allah ...
its way way way not enough to compare to
even a little of what Allah is going to offer in hereafter

all He needs is you to hold on for awhile and stay focus

ask yourself again
is it really worth it
whatever you do in life
and for those who in favor of forgiveness
He is even closer to you than your jugular vain
and love you way more than a birth mother have on their own children

think for awhile
Is it really worth it??

how to make your life worth living??
as easy as saying bismillah in everything you are going to perform
remember Allah when we are alone
with everybody around
when we feel good
when feel down

in everything we do
thats all
is it really that hard?

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