1 week holi

...Dear mum... dad... bang man and dik yan...
i just want you guys to know how much i love you
and i cant wait to be home
cant blog for too long

just solved 6 unknowns from FBD diagram
and few more of that to go
got my head spin around
but im relli working hard over here
so that one day when you two are old and weak
you'll walk with my legs
eat with my hands and
live my life as as i did on yours
You'll be above my future wife , sons and daughters
and i'll continue pray for your safety and well beign
even if after we depart
only son who is soleh who can pray for his parents
and im struggling hard to be one

and ill always pray for your safe journey home to jannah
and lots lots lots of happiness now and hereafter!
my Allah SWT forgive all your past sins and also in the time to come

amin amin amin ya Rabb

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