Pai Pai Chicken

Asslamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
dug out some photos i caught during chicken slaughter lesson
yeah it was scary at first =S
but after awhile ok
i even slaughtered one for my group
alot of gory picsXD
but ill save it
this chics have their dignities also babe!
(p/s: sorry for not editting... i just reformatted by lap..miow)
12 of them successfully slaughtered while 4 of them..
*puffle cheeks + cross eye*
it was my first slaughter .... alhamdulillah mine passed
"they said" -_-''

so later evening they held cooking master to make use of that chickeyn
muh group won second
..hawt eyh...
as usual i did nothing but cleaning the chicken cut this and that
Pn.Hasyimah was the grand master
ppl call it unfair... but well... she still wins
ngahahahaha XDD
but it was all good day alrite

they even went 280 with the rain
playing futsal =D
at first i thought of joining
but i dint bring spare clothes for this
shahul even screamed
" Wei Hujan... Ape ni...HUjan la LAGIIII!!!"
-_-'' haiz haiz... ape nak jadila


wassalamualaikum and good day ahead

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