Who knew rite??

How much do we gasp for air today??
how much do the heart beats today??
how much food did we ate today??
How much steps did we make today??
how much brain juice did we used today??
how much knowledge that we get today??
how much thinking that we made today??
how much we use our sense of sight today??
last whole week
last whole month
your whole life til present time

upon many thing that you were given

how much did you give back??

did you even acknowledge??

do you even know who gave them??

yeah ... you angered Him
you honor Him lower than your own 2 feet
walk around with arrogant and pride
you ignore His law in order to enjoy
enjoy the cheap thrill of life
to have a few laugh
few deceiving pride

but whatever the case... you'll take
you'll take what He give
you'll continue taking
enjoying all those stuffs

no wonder He is known as Ar-Rahman
the merciful
wonder if he choke single of your breath
pause single of your heart beat
you'll be flailing and gagging your life out
spasm like nobody's business

but he still give you every single of it
He is Allah SWT

truely he deserve my life
every step that i take is for Him
every air that i breath is for Him
every sight that i take is for Him
I am His
none should i take my own except for Him

narrow minded??
fikiran kolot??
say whatever you will

lifes too short to argue
think about it dear friend
think !

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