I need a way out

How i felt so distance

I need a time of my own
Until i gain my own strength
...till then...

*will be away til the next sunrise*

peace and salam

Allahumahdini ila Siratal Mustaqim

Allahumahdini ila Jannatu N'aim

Ya Allah Ya Ghaffar

Ighfirli tzunubi
awwalu wal akhiru

Ya muqallib al-qulub
thabbit qalbi 'ala dinik

Ashhadu anlaa ilaha illa anta
wa muhammadun 'abduhu wa rasuuluh

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at: April 16, 2009 at 8:46 AM said...


juz a question that need ur thought

i found this wonderful words from i think its bible

is it wrong if i quote it? becoz i really can relate it to a sense of the words really lift up my spirits

i found a book of quotes frm a friend of mine yg amik bible knowledge dulu, most of it really lift up my spirits when i read it and i can relate it to Allah.

if this is wrong, can u suggest me a websites where i can get a really nice words from Al-Quran in english? I tried to search it but i can't really find a good one.

thank you dearie brother.

p/s: balik miri cepat. fluid project!

a.j. says:
at: April 17, 2009 at 1:46 AM said...



regarding qouting from bible or any other scriptures for comparative or differentiating the right and wrong is allowed...

in ur case it's slightly dif because hil is qouting to be inspired ... it is ok to qoute if

1. The quoted phrase does not defying the tauhid and akidah of islam...
e.g; regarding God, angle etc. God dying, eating etc.

2. The situation stated does really happened and not base on false assumption...
e.g; alot of content in bible are pretty much the same with quran, but sumtimes it's not... sumtime it says "God says.." n if u quote and turn out to be not what God once said... it'd be a lie and be careful of it ...

none the less...

Imam Ghazali did once quote from Torah not as comparison but to inspire others in his famous book Ihya Ulumuddin ...


yes u can ... but just be carefulon the content of it...

do make use of all good things in this world ... the books (Torah and Bible) are approved to be modified... but that doesnt mean the whole content is wrong..

what is true will remain the truth ... eventhou it came out from the disapproved ones... and we have to approve of it

but becareful with the unknown ... to be inspired out of it is a sign of approval... unless u are comparing,than it's a different situation ...

just becareful