Dear Stranger,

A poem that kept playing back and forth in my mind

written by Asy-Syahid Syed Qutb when he stood firmly
for the brotherhood(Ikhwan)

Ghuraba(Strangers)- Syed Qutb

Syed Qutb and a few of ikhwan died under the Regime of Jamal Abdul Nasir

Theres a video of an ikhwan recite the poem prior to their death sentence

Imagine counting seconds before the minute when they will all be hanged,
This is what hold them together

How many times we remembered a time when we were happy,

In the book of Allah we recite every morning and evening...

Peace and blessing of Allah SWT be upon:
+Rasulullah SAW and Sahabah who Syaheed
+Imam Hassan Al-Banna
+Syed Qutb (Egypt)
+Sheikh Ahmad Yasin (Filistine)
+The rest of ikhwan who fought and died in Allah's cause


Rasulullah SAW once said:

"Islam begin as a stranger,
and it will return as a stranger...
Therefore blissed to the stranger..."

The Sahabat asked him(pbuh):

"Who are those strangers Oh Prophet of Allah?.."

He(pbuh) answered:

"Those who improved the condition of the people who are trying to worsen it... "

[Narrated by Imam Ahmad]

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