I am at your door Ya Rabb

I am staying at your door.
Who else but You could I turn to in calamities.
I came to You hopeful.
I wish to reach Your presence

Oh God who else could I turn to but You.
You are the Most Merciful to Your subject.
So please have mercy on a subject standing tearful at Your door.
Hope never ceases in You.
You are the Most Tender and the nearest.
That's why I wishfully held my hands up to You.
Please don't shun me Oh You Most Answering

Oh God I humbly came to You loaded with mistakes.
Falling on my knees, wishing for Your approval.
So please forgive all my mistakes.
Who else but You could answer my prayers.
I drink from the seas of Your Kindness and Generosity.
I am honored standing at Your Holly door.
So please accept my prayer...

Oh my Creator.
I am tearful and repentful.
So please accept me till the end of my life.
And forgive the past ugly deeds.
And let Heaven be my final destination.
And protect me from the fieriness of Hell.

p/s: Purify me and bring me close to You Oh The Most Loving One ... bless me with this single chance that You gave me ... bless all the people around me ...

The Guilty One,

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