Our brotherhood meant more than we think!

Oh Brother ,
Come Closer To Me Don't Leave Me
You Are My Soul's Allied Brother ,
You Are My Heart's And Path's Light Brother ..
The World Around Me Is Sooty Darkness
So Enlighten My Path And Dissolve My Darkness

Your Light ,
OH Your Light Is A Rising Dawn
In Which I Observed The Way To The Heaven

Oh Brother ,
After GOD You Are The One That I Bare What's In My Heart Of All Wrench And Eagerness
In Both Ways I Always Find You With Me ,
Present In My Melancholy Or Joy
Every One Around Me Is A Deceptive Mirage
Pretending Loving Me And Being Truthful To Me
How Many Of Them Are Around Me As Long As I'm Comfortable
Gosh ,
Where Are They In My Hard Times

Oh Brother ,
Among All People You Are The Only Faithful One In My Companionship
You Love Me With Out Waiting For Anything
It's ALLAH's Companionship ,
And What A Companionship
I See In Your Shiny Face Pride And Dignity By All Means
Approach Me With Your Right and ,
And Let's Walk Together In The Light's Road , The Dignity's Path
If I Ever Face Any Agony In My Life ,
You Would Be The Backing That I Need To Resolve My Trouble
Or If I Ever Feel Weak You Would Come To Me ,
Riding My Weakness And Stoking My Spirit

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