What a delight ...

This is the 6th episode أحداث النهاي [Events of The End]

Events Of the End is a new scientific and methodical series that combines scientific consolidation, educational methodology and preaching method presented with Shaikh
Muhammad hassan to all mankind in genaral and to Muslims in particular for brothers and sisters to gain scientific, pure and clear material that urges us to work righteous deeds that draw us nearer to ALLAH, Glorified ans Exalted be He, based on Knowledge

The mua'llim is Sheikh Muhammad Hassan and ive been following his ta'alim for quite awhile now ...

The approach is special, well versed and arranged ... it might spark self improvement in one self ...

The video above is the 4th part out of 6 part from episode 6 [The Punishment of Grave]

Therefore for every scientific persona out there ... this is our chance to have all the basics we need to relate and have a bridge to the unssen ...

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Episode #5
+The corpse and the grave

Episode #6
+The punishment if the grave

Episode #7&8
+The Beginning of minor signs

Happy to bring things forward,

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