What it all meant for me...

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t

All praise due to Allah SWT and Peace and Blessing be upon Muhammad the Messenger of Allah SWT

How special this picture is?? This is the first time i joined CIS. Then i met Zahir. He taught me the meaning of brotherhood and from here i know the meaning of ikhwanul muslimeen...

Back in Kuala Lumpur, i live a different life. When i chose to have a life for Allah SWT and to leave whatever He disallowed me, i know things surrounded me in KL, we will not click.

Things doesn't fit in really well over there. When relationship needed to be bonded, we go to hartamas, sheesha bir F1 EPL. When we want to srengthen the losen relationship, we bowled and watch movie and take a 360 around OU and The Curve. On what basis do i establish and strengthen relationship??

I've been wanting to have a share of this deen. But the only place i could find around me is my home and the mosque.

But do not be mistaken, i still love and forever love my friends till the end of my life. It's just i need someone else who i could love for this deen and that he could love me for this deen in return.

When i met Curtin Islamic Community. I knew i've found a place to love and be loved.

My first Family Day

For the first few years i am more observent rather than trying to work things out.

I see how people go to extreme ends trying to work out. But they are happy with it. No matter how urgent other things could be, i never felt other thing as important as CIS in my life. I'll try to be there from starts to the end. Believe it or not, through all this time, Islah will be among the last one, He will settle the plates and the cups and clean everything when everyone gone home.

Somewhere along the way, something happened but i do not know the cause of it. People say its assignments, quiz, bla bla bla... CIS this and that... but really i do not understand really. WHY? and even some just by hearing CIS, things just turned GREY and COLD...

This is how things used to be ... don't you agree?? When we were tired ... we know it was all worth it...

And this is what we sell away for the sake of assignments ...

for the sake of projects ...

for whatever stupid reasons that we make up to avoid among us

I'am tired of trying to pursue that desire to know ... but when they came ... i fear that they will never taste the sweetness of it all ... not like before

I hate people who sold other people's happiness for their own sake

I still remember how Zahir Hafiz Wes Bro Kak Shinaz and other great seniors sacrificed their time and hardwork to bring the joy to their junior ... to ME ... eventhough among them is 3rd year and final Year students...

in the midst of everything they sacrificed it all to bring their junior and the community and to show good example ... and to be together for their brothers and sisters and strengthen ukhwah on the basis of Islam and Iman... We gained knowledge... We gained understanding ... We gained happiness because of them ...

CIS will be here to stay ...

Looking back through the past
how small number of senior could take care of the large numbers of juniors

but now
how big number of seniors failed to give good impression to small numbers of junior ...

but few of us chose to stay and be grateful of what Allah SWT used to gave us and to repay and bring down what the super seniors worked hard for us...

No mattter how small its going to be ... CIS is here to stay

we are here for Allah SWT and for Allah SWT alone
+ We dun have Gala Persona ... but we have DWS [Discovery Workshop Series]
+ We dun have Unisex Futsal ... but we have Family Day


p/s: sorry if i've displeased any party ... but if it werent because if its true, no one should be displeased

If people observe mistakes among his brothers and sisters, if they have love for them, they put tem into action ... not by selling fitnah and criticize for nothing... Amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar ... and if you have love for the ikhwan and know you could do better for them, you will strive hard for it no matter how painful it could get

CIS is for Allah SWT and His messenger ... i will keep it as hard as i can to make sure it'll stay true...

Life is about making a choice ... =D

This is what i'll ask in front of Allah SWT ... the rights of the juniors over here from their senior who once received the care from their seniors when they were once junior

and make sure u have it ready when the time comes ...

and to everyone in general regardless of race and gender,
Whatever khilafiyat(disagreement) in the madzhab and fiqh of i'badah, put them aside as the maslahah and ukhwah between us have higher priority in the marhalah of this deen.


sincere advice from a concerned muslim,

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NS says:
at: June 6, 2009 at 3:17 AM said...

salam ayub!

a very nice post, indeed. last semester, i had this anti feeling towards CIS. because based on my perception, curtin islamic society should be the representive for all the muslims in campus. there should be no barrier between african, nigerian, arabian even malaysian. but there were only one majority party[malay] associating this community. thus it can clearly seen that the purpose of this club dah terpesong jauh. you can see nigerians passing by in front of the musolah but can you tell me how many of us [malays] says Assalamualaikum to them or even says a simple hi? apatah lagi nak senyum. not much kan? or should i say none? mungkin sebab tu diorang x join,mainly because there is no ukhwah scent around the muslims community itself.

they are foreigners. they are strangers to our communities. if we, ourselves not being friendly to them, how are they gonna be friendly to us? its the matters on how we approach them and how we convince them that we are an ummah that stands one believe. betul tak ayub? siapa nak jaga kebajikan diorang kalau bukan kita, ummat islam sendiri? takkan kita nak jaga orang melayu je? think about it ayub.

make changes ayub because this simple changes will lead to tonnes of rewards, insya Allah.

btw, ini cuma pendapat je. sorry kalau ada siapa2 yg terasa. :)

Unknown says:
at: June 6, 2009 at 8:44 AM said...

I love this post. Thanks ayub for still having the time to write this beauftiful post even in the midst of exam.

I've been always supporting CIS ever since the first time i was here. I am still indeed and will always support CIS for Allah swt.. insyaAllah.

I am so glad that we choose the right person insyaAllah to carry the name of Islam under CIS.

miba says:
at: June 6, 2009 at 10:09 AM said...

terharu dgn post ayub... biase nye kita bincang perkara ni dlm meeting hi5 jer kn.. emm.. smoga semakin ramai members dtg program anjuran CIS.. tp ape yg penting kualiti dan kerjasama..

a.j. says:
at: June 6, 2009 at 12:14 PM said...

Najwa: for every good thing in this world shouldnt kept to any oneself... thnx for the opinion and hope we could work together to bring the best out of the ummah ... no matter wheter we fail or its a success, the real truth is what we bring in front of Allah SWT..

lyanne: thnx for the support ... a leader does play a role ... but theres other entity to it .-->

Allah SWT knows best

I.A: What people fail to to know why? the question of how doesnt play any role...

cultivate understanding before put into practice... in that way sincerity could be presence before an a'mal put into practice..

and hopefully i give the reasoning and answer the reason why... hopefully

Salam Thnx for the comment

at: June 6, 2009 at 3:04 PM said...


semoga segalanya untuk Dia..

CIS bukan skdr kelab.tetapi akan menjadi wadah tarbiyah kita.InshaAllah


Z says:
at: June 7, 2009 at 3:50 AM said...

As a newbie, sedihnya baca post ni. Moga-moga CIS akan berfungsi tanpa mengetepikan tujuan dan objektif asalnya..

a.j. says:
at: June 7, 2009 at 12:44 PM said...

Ar-rijal: semua untuk Dia

Z : insyaAllah ... sentiasanya