Thanxy Wawai

THNX wai for da Master Ed, Bike ... see you next week =D

It's been couple of years and he is now beefed up and macho =D ... He eats raw eggs, milk, and protein enhancer everyday XD howahahah ... and he goes to the gym thrice a week ... Woalaweyh ... and the first thing he sed to me

"DUDE KAU DAH KUROS!!" ... -_-' mcm sindir je ...

anyway he got 2 years to go before he is a certified B.Eng(Chem) ... too bad that he cant join us for Karnival Samad as he gotta go to Singapore jalan2 ...

>> mamah: if you're reading this... i'm with you k... dun give up! Tuhan sayangkan awak!

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