CURTIN muslim ... We Need YOU

Last semester, the 1st semester of 2009, Curtin Islamic Society(CIS) have been working hard catering for muslim society in Curtin Sarawak. Last semester, Student Council have decided to restrict only RM 700 subsidy only for clubs. This quota imposed upon clubs cut-throated us unlike the last Council, the subsidy was flexible and allocation of subsidy largely depend on the degree of contribution to students and the frequency and impact of proposed events. Hence any active clubs will have larger amount allocated while smaller clubs will be allocated accordingly.

Past council of Student Council under the care of Melissa, they had been very supportive in terms of taking care the welfare of students as they have allocated certain amount of subsidies for Friday Prayer Bus charges and taking care of the bus booking for CIS. Recent council have decided that CIS have to opt for charges ourselve hence cutting our subsidies from RM700 to RM300. RM 400 were needed to provide curtin muslim students who could NOT afford their own transport to go to the mosque for Friday Prayer. That left us with only RM 300 which is not even enough for a SINGLE full scale activity. To that I sincerely would like to thank with all sincerity to all the NGOs, Officials and individuals including our own supportive advisors of CIS for them we could continue to sustain our activities but with a lower frequencies than before.

The increasing numbers of muslim students both internationals and local students on 2nd semester 2009 will be needing us to increase bus trips from 1 trip 2 trips to and back from mosque. This increment of bus frequencies will need us to allocate at least RM800 to sustain our club this semester leaving us with deficit of RM100 to support our club. That leaves us with RM0 subsidies for events AND expenditures of extra RM 100 from our pocket money to continue our support for Friday Prayer Bus ONLY.

In order to further provide comfort, other services which CIS had to take care of is the moderation of Musolla(prayer room). Laundries and improvement will require financial aids and numbers of flip flops have to be increased. All this years CIS have been allocating our own financial aid WITHOUT the support of campus in order to operate musolla properly. Ramdhan activity such as Tarawikh prayer will require mosquto repellents and other needs to be taken care of.

Thus this semester frequencies of event have to be tonned down as to us CIS, religious obligation place highest priority and events and programmes should be placed second.

Last student councils meeting have witnessed many clubs have been closed with various reasons. Among them are violation of conducts and most of them are due to lack of participations(active member) AND low frequency of event. Of lately CIS have been suffering severe lack of participation which place our future in a great jeopardy.

Other than that, last Friday, our Friday Prayer Shuttle was unprofessionally canceled. We received verbal news regarding unavailabilities of prayer shuttle NOT from Uni Life themselve, but from a representative from student council. CIS have sent our welfare representative, Ibrahim Fazeel to negotiate for alternatives, but twice checked on the same week on bus booking, it was confirmed to be available. On friday noon itself, we were then informed by Bus Driver(Mr. Augustine) there were no bus available for Friday Prayer which led us to delay and uncertain negotiation with student service. After being pursued they can only give us single trip to mosque without any trip back. If they have clarified and confirmed the unavailability, CIS could have made other arrangements with private bus services with our own expenses. Believe it or not this was not the first time and it had happened quite a few numbers of time. We think it was unprofessionally handled and it is a disrespect to our own religion in order to fulfil our obligations and we PAID for it using our own subsidies.

For 3 years we have pursued University Life regarding HALAL Certification issues as we received many complaints from student itself that there some doubts regarding foods on the campus cafeteria. Past years, Curtin University have approved that the food was 100% Halal on campus but was later then took out from the student manual this year for an unknown reason. Assurance that they gave before should be proven , because plenty of students complaint to us that HALAL food was one of the major reason and point that they've considered before choosing Curtin University as they investment for higher education and some of them felt cheated because of it.

To all the muslim students out there, current CIS committee members and alot of our committee alumni have made arrangements to further address this issue and we will continue to fight this rights of ours and muslim students alike in order to survive and allowing us to perform our religious obligation with less hassle and worrisome atmosphere.

I personally would like to thank our respectful advisor who negotiated on scheduling so that NO CLASSES are to be held on friday prayer time slot to allow muslim students perform their obligation without missing or skipping classes.

In order to sustain current challenges and hardships we CIS need you to stay ONE with us all the time and be aware of the update that we will be bringing.

Please participate in ALL our events because we are on the verge of closing down. The PARTICIPATION is NOT TRIVIAL issue as thats the major reason our club are not closed for the time being. Student council will observe the number students coming for our event to confirm the number of participant.

In this note i would like thank a few people from student council to assist our welfare, Shahul Hameed , Fared Abu Bakar and a few others who helped us negotiation and arrangement in order for us to continue to survive the hardships and to ease the or continuely salted pain.

I would like to thank to our active members because of you guys people can perform religious obligations, to have bus for Eid to the mosque when they cant afford flying home, to allow us to continue our fight in sustaining musolla and continue our contribution to locals like Peryatim[Orphanage Organization], Yayasan A'mal[A'mal Foundation], and other locals and NGOs. You have proven yourselve worthy of Allah SWT's mercy and we will continue fighting for your rights and comfort.

To those who felt it is not an obligation to participate and care for the society, if a Fardhu [obligations] are not met, the path to attain and make Fardhu possible will also become WAJIB(compulsory). Prove your commitment to your religion and be proud of who you are. We are not an organization divided by hijabbis or non-hijabbis, locals nor internationals. You are a muslim and theres no question why you shouldnt play part.

I ask everyone to understand our current state and what future will brings. Do not let our current issues be in the middle of other peoples rights to Allah SWT. Everyone will be questioned accordingly and i hope everyone will take part in this quest of faith in CURTIN itself. Please DO NOT argue how bad the foods were and why theres NO THIS AND THAT. You DO NOT KNOW how hard we worked just to survive current situation.

Those who came accross this should forward accross the word and join this massive da'wah ... our CIS database can only capacitate registered member and those who read this should forward to the person that they know regardless he is a registered member or NOT.

Be not weary and faint-hearted, crying for peace, when ye should be uppermost: for Allah is with you, and will never put you in loss for your (good) deeds.

[Surah Muhammad : 35]

wallahu a'lam ,

ayub a'bdul jamil and The Rest of other Family member in the house,

Curtin Islamic Society Representative

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hafizulkifli says:
at: August 5, 2009 at 9:21 AM said...

jgn risau ayub. kita sume brade di blkg ayub..
Allah S.W.T juga sentiasa membantu mu...
Insya Allah!

Jamil says:
at: August 5, 2009 at 11:21 AM said...

panjang nyewwww.....

a.j. says:
at: August 5, 2009 at 5:55 PM said...

insyaAllah thank you hapiz ... jage anak anak yatim kite ye... amanat Rasulullah SAW tu...

yeah daily agendas ayah =)panjang dan padat

hafizulkifli says:
at: August 6, 2009 at 11:24 AM said...

Insya Allah. Ana buat apa yg mampu.

NS says:
at: August 6, 2009 at 5:53 PM said...

cant help anything. sorry. :(.

trying to pujuk people to join sports day : succeed!

trying to pujuk people to buy the ticket concert : failed!


ayub, if there's any CIS financial issue, dont hesitate to tell us okay?

at: December 4, 2009 at 5:20 PM said...
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at: January 13, 2010 at 5:41 AM said...
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