Reggae Rehab

For years i've been in <3 with reggae tunes, eventhou i have already stopped. The groovy bass riff and simple strum streak of stratocaster on the last 4 strings. Followed by the lazy chant by the rastas, it just dirfts u away after a day of stresses and sometime made u loaf high on the cotton clouds.

They say that, the rastas will usually accompany reggae beat with a puff of weeds =) as the happy singing continues, the strobic purplish and pink will start popping at the back of their brain. but im not dumb enough to do relive jimi hendrixs failed-stunt. and i thank you Allah for who kept me safe from harms even in times of jahil.

For years and years, i've never thought of the rastafarian movement in details. Later on in life then i realize that it has deep roots in a religious movement which in ways will lead u astray by you not knowing. chanting the words and singing the hymn.

I've always pondered on the babylon and zion thingy. whatsup with the jewish stars of david and some other weird religious vocab. and today i digged deep to shed some lights and insyaAllah raise awareness on the attack of idealogy behind the groovy beats and way of life

The legend of Rastafarian movement - Bob Marley

[excerpt from wiki and my own commentary]

The Rastafari movement is a monotheistic, Abrahamic, new religious movement that arose in a Christian culture in Jamaica in the 1930s. Its adherents, who worship Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, former Emperor of Ethiopia (1930-1936 and 1941-1974), as God, are known as Rastafarians, or Rastas. The movement is sometimes referred to as "Rastafarianism", but this term is considered derogatory and offensive by some Rastas, who dislike being labelled as an "ism".

Whatsup with the Jewish Star of David

Jah (pronounced /ˈdʒɑː/) is the shortened name for God YHWH, and Jehovah most commonly used in the Rastafari movement and the world wide preaching of Jehovah's Witnesses in upwards of 500 languages. It comes from the Hebrew יָהּ = Yah [jah].
Jah is often used as a shortened form of the Tetragrammaton. The Tetragrammaton is often translated (especially in older English versions of the Bible) by use of the term "LORD," and the word "Hallelujah" by the phrase "Praise ye the LORD" (Psalm 104:35 KJV and footnote). Thus, partially translated and partially transliterated, the term could be rendered "Praise Jah."

p/s: tetragrammaton is the Hebrew term יהוה the name of the God of Israel
theres a slight connection between ja + christianity + jehovah witness(jews)

ja are said to be the extension of christianity ... through a guy name Haile Selassie

Haile Selassie is claimed to be the Incarnation of God in a form of man and he is the emperor of ethiopia (including Jamaica) and the rastas and almost all ethiopian christian, they insist that Jesus is not white colored skin, but black instead. rastas claim that he is the root of Jesus(Yahshua) Christ and therefore an incarnation of Jah(Jehovah) onto the Earth.

Zion VS Babylon

Rastas assert that Zion (i.e., Africa, especially Ethiopia) is a land that Jah promised to them. To achieve this, they reject modern western society, calling it "Babylon", which they see as entirely corrupt."Babylon" is considered to have been in rebellion against "Earth's Rightful Ruler" (Jah) ever since the days of the Biblical king Nimrod.

Some Rastas claim themselves to represent the real Children of Israel or children of god, (this may stem from the belief by some scholars that Ethiopia was populated at some stage by one of the "lost" tribes of Israel; modern credence is given to this view with the acknowledgement of the Beta Israel by the Israeli government). Another historical viewpoint which seeks to validate this link between Ethiopia, Israel and the Rastafari belief system can be found under the Lion of Judah and their goal is to repatriate to Africa, or to Zion.[clarification needed] (Rasta reggae is peppered with references to Zion; among the best-known examples are the Bob Marley songs '"Zion Train" and "Iron Lion Zion".)

The Deen of Rasta

I was somewhat shocked of the very fact that many Rastas say that it is not a "religion" at all, but a "Way of Life" =D somewhat like the concept of deen in islam

but despite of blood relation with Jehovah and Christianity, most Rastas do not claim any sect or denomination, and thus encourage one another to find faith and inspiration within themselves.

Whatsup with Weeds and Ganja?

For Rastas, smoking cannabis, usually known as "herb", "weed", "sinsemilla" (Spanish for "without seeds") or "ganja" (from the Sanskrit word, "Ganjika", created by the Hindus of India), is a spiritual act, often accompanied by Bible study; they consider it a sacrament that cleans the body and mind, heals the soul, exalts the consciousness, facilitates peacefulness, brings pleasure, and brings them closer to Jah


so for those who finds peace in reggae tunes. I hope you reconsider some other alternatives. As it is actually a hymn of rastas and a religious chant.

As islam only allows a person to surrender uniquely to Allah SWT without any association. consider yourself ignorant no more.

Find peace in Qur'an and dhikrullah =D it will be very beneficial ... insyaAllah ...

hope it shed some lights as knowledge empower people. and people needs truth and peace through islam and submission =D


urs dearly,

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