Why do you have to?

Quite often we receive a (or maybe more) question(s) from our beloved non-muslims friends,

Eh why do you have to :

pray 5 times a day ah?
fast a month without eating AND drinking ah?
cannot eat pork?
have to pay zakat(alms)?
have to cover up?
have to potong?

Now, the very essence of asking the proper question before getting to know islam, is very much important as how the Prophet PBUH strategies his pbuh da'wah.

It is written as a sunnah of Rasulullah that when first islam was introduced, it only speaks of the understanding in A'kidah (belief) and not in the sense of Fiqh(Ruling of Ibadah). Even during the early days of Prophet SAW on early stage of da'wah, the only surah that came down are short, poetic, and revolves mainly around akidah(belief) of tauhid(Oneness of God).

Then only after the hijrah came more of the verse which came in the form of Fi'il Amar(Verbs of Commandment) which started mostly on Ya Ayyuhallathi naamanu(O you believe) and then emphasize the law which has to abide.

Hence to actually follow the sunnah of Prophet SAW, we should back refer the questioner to pose the right question, which is regarding the belief , not by hindering the question, but by giving slight benefit(Fadhilat) of the ibadah, and then re-route to the question of belief. This is because, almost all ibadah in Islam will certainly scare the non-muslim as they see it as a burden and unnecessary, as they might not know the cause to it.

Make yourself known, only through the understanding of belief (on why) it can empower ibadah(on how). That is why when a group of convert came to prophet Muhammad claiming that they are among the al-mu'minun hastily, Prophet SAW replied that do not say you are Al-Mu'minu(believer) yet, you are only a Al-muslimun(submit) as the measure of mu'min goes by taqwa. And only through taqwa in Allah and strong iman, people will be empower perform ibadah, enjoin justice, and willing to sacrifice in the path.

Hence its not really appropriate to direct the question of ibadah while the aqidah are not properly understood. Always remember to divert back to the most fundamental question in faith, the aqidah. Thats what most non-muslim are deprived of, the comfort of truth and satisfaction of answer.


you could answer according to the bible:

"I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you unto all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me".

[Gospel of John chapter 16 verse 12-14]

which means that the Spirit of truth (Al-amin:meaning the truthful one is a nickname by the people before he was crowned as prophet) are here to perfect the religion that he (Jesus AS) has established through the heritage of abrahamic faith.

Answer them prepared and answer them well through knowledge seeking and habit of understanding the religion and make known to them that this is the religion of truth based on firm understanding and affirmation and not through taqleed(believing without questioning) and to always open them with question. And bare in mind not to insult the religion as liar etc.

Remember : Proving people wrong does not mean proving you are right!

Spend more time explaining on Islam more than their religion. Some may feel withdrawn by statement you might make on their religion, be very sensitive about that.



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