Small Deeds

Saw this in TheHumbleWayfarer's blog and fell in love with the modesty and message.


Native Deen- "SMALL DEEDS" -- Official Music Video
Video Directed by: David Hawa
Album: Deen You Know
Song Written, Composed and Arranged by: Native Deen
Video Produced and Written by: Daze Studios []


Band FAQ's

Q. What does the name "Native Deen" mean?
Everyone knows what "Native" means but "Deen" is an Arabic word for religion or way of life. Muslims believe that the way of life that is native, or inherent, to all of creation is Islam because it is the religion where you submit yourself to the will of the sole Creator, seeking to live in harmony with the laws of the universe and not contrary to them.

Q. Why do you wear modest clothing and the kufi (skullcap)?
We identify ourselves as Muslims by wearing Islamic dress like the kufi and loose-fitting clothing. There are, of course, many ways to identify oneself as Muslim. Your actions are one way and your clothing and modest attire is an additional way. We try to do both by adhering to Islamic etiquette and by dressing modestly.

Q. Why do you only use percussion instruments?
Many scholars believe that wind and string instruments should be avoided in Islam. Even though the Qur'an does not specifically mention musical instruments, some scholars say that if the lyrics or words are Islamic then any type of musical instrument is permissible while other scholars say that only percussion (drums) instruments can be used. We cannot please everyone, but using only percussion instruments allows more Muslims to enjoy our music. We utilize various percussion sounds in our music.

Q. Are you part of the Nation of Islam or Five Percenters?
No! We are African-American but we do not follow the teachings of the Nation of Islam or the Five Percenters. Not all Black Muslims follow Farakhan and in fact, over one-third of Muslims in America are African-Americans that follow main stream Islam or what is commonly referred to as Sunni Islam.

Q. Do you promote violence in your lyrics?
No! The Arabic word Islam means Submission, from the root word Silm or Peace. Muslims know that peace can only come from submitting to the laws of the Creator. We do not advocate or promote or approve of violence. Our lyrics promote peace, understanding, and tolerance towards all without regard to religion, color, or ethnicity. We do not believe this diminishes pride in our Islamic identity but increases it.

Q. Does Native Deen only perform Rap music?
No. Sometimes we rhyme, sometimes we sing, sometimes we do both!

Q. What is MYNA RAPS?
MYNA RAPS is a project put together by the organization M.Y.N.A. or Muslim Youth of North America. The project was a gathering of amateur recording artists who wrote their own work and were featured on MYNA RAPS albums. Three of the artists from these albums, Joshua Salaam, Abdul Malik Ahmad, and Naeem Muhammad, who were all solo at the time, started a group in 2000 where they could do this professionally. This is how Native Deen was born.

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