Cover Me Comfort Me

Zamilooni-Zain bhikha featuring Abdul-Malik

He stepped inside his home, and he overwhelmed with fear
An angel came with words from God, things were still unclear
Saying read - read, but he couldnt read, then amazing words he heard
A trembling deep inside his heart, confused by what had occurred

There was only one who could comfort him
And help him see the light
To ease his fears, to reassure
It was khadijah, his wife

He said Zamilooni, Zamilooni, Dathirooni, Dathirooni, (Envelop me, Embrace me)
A mighty task has come before me
I need you here with me
By my side

She was a woman of nobility, successful in all her trade
Many wealthy men had asked for her, she had turned them all away
But when she saw Muhammad, a shining moon, may peace be on his soul
He was a light for her so right for her her life will now be whole

But she had never seen him so distressed, as he was there that day
She would comfort him, and hold him tight, and chase his doubts away


We look for stories of love, in places dark and cold
When we have a guiding light, for the whole world to behold
But were so selfish in our ways, and to the ones we hold so close
Our own pleasure and happiness is what we value most

But she sacrificed all her wealth and everything she had
And he honored her, and gave her faith,
when the times were bad, when times were bad...

Now years have passed, times had changed,
since khadijah breathed her last.
Message of the one true God,
was spreading far and vast

But then he came across some jewelry,
that khajidah once had worn
His eyes began to swell with tears,
his heart again began to mourn

Cause she was there for him, when times were rough,
and his enimies were cruel
Was the first believer, so keen and eager, to comfort al-Rasool


Mawlaya salli wa sallim daiman abada
'Ala habibika khayril khalqi kullihimi
(O my Leader, send your salutations and blessings forever
Upon Your Beloved, the best of the whole of creation)

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Unknown says:
at: August 4, 2010 at 10:32 PM said...

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a.j. says:
at: August 6, 2010 at 7:49 PM said...

laisa minna man da'a ila a'sabiyyah.

walaisa minna man qatala a'la a'sabiyah.

walaisa minna man maata a'la a'sabiyah.

"bukan dari golongan kami sesiapa berda'wah ke arah asabiyyah, dan bukan dari kalangan kami sesiapa yang berperang pada jalan asabiyyah, dan bukan dari golongan kami sesiapa mati di atas asabiyyah."

... ana salafiyyun.
"Wahai sekalian manusia, sesungguhnya kami
ciptakan kamu dari laki-laki dan perempuan dan kami
jadikan kamu berbangsa-bangsa dan berpuak-puak
supaya kamu berkenal-kenalan diantara kamu.
Sesungguhnya orang yang paling mulia dikalangan
kamu adalah mereka yang paling bertaqwa disisi Allah
Taala (bukan yang lebih keturunan atau bangsanya).
Sesungguhnya Allah sangat mengetahui lagi amat
mendalam pengetahuanNya (akan keadaan dan
amalan kamu)´

Al-Hujurat: 13

... tiada bangsa yang diutama melainkan individu yang bertaqwa.
Maafkan saya. Saya tidak setuju penyanjungan atas dasar bangsa.

a.j. says:
at: August 6, 2010 at 7:52 PM said...

Cukuplah dgn melayu tu. jadilah muslim.