Never a lost cause

Maybe i'm just too far ahead.
or maybe too far behind.

I've been thinking alot on what i said before.
Every minute every second
Wherever I went
Alone and vast crowd
I really cant stop thinking about it

and now i realized.
maybe I'm rushing it too fast

today i sat in the mosque. thinking far
just sat staring at the leaves.
as it wave in a serene and calm manner.

Day by day I realized
just why that leaves refuse to take what human kinds are willing to embrace
its easy when you were ignorant
but its hard the moment you start to care.

I'm going to surrender this thought to Your will,
Truly You are the all knowing and best of designer,
and none which fall into place except those that You've decreed,
Its just too big for me and for the rest of other people to follow through.
For the moment.

For how long brothers sisters are going pick a fight?
For how long brothers sisters going to continue to ignore?
Well i do not know till what end.
I know I'm not going to be part of this disunity.

Something which have never been the tradition of Your beloved messenger,
and Not the beloved companions.

When the lights off and the ink run dries,
I just want You to know.
I'm just a Muslim.

Nothing more. Nothing Less

Your forever-and-ever servant

I'd urge to those who is befitting of this advice.
You run things on your rule, and you run things on your term.
Be sure you know what your answer in front of Allah
This deen is not mere play.
And I hope you are all well aware of what you are carrying forth.
May Allah guide us all. Amin

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