Vertically challenged

Assalamu'alaikum akhi wa ukhti. All praise to the Almighty Creator, and peace and blessing be on the beloved messengers of God, and also importantly, Muhammad SAW, the husnul khuluq!

First three days pose to be the busiest yet.

+ Renew Milah's road tax and insurance
+ Change tyre
+ Lube oil service
+ Change flat battery
+ Motorcycle pass for campus
+ Pick up senior notes for this semester
+ Industrial training completion submission
+ Meeting up friends scattered all across lakeside (Village Villa is coming)

This semester we have one great guy coming in from perth, we call him Udin, so kind gentle and polite, he speaks very softly and nothing about him is very harsh and best of all, he is one of Mechanical student, so i get to see him alot. Subhanallah what a great guy.

Got a chance to meet Hasnat and Nisha too, since he took 7 months training period, so he was missing for a semester. Good to see him in one piece and happy. Get married guys! and for the first time sat with Adib and his wife, what a gentle couple. and married. whenever is my turn to be like Adib, so happy.

This semester seems to pose couple of other challenges for us lakesiders. Housing decided to reshuffle the tenancy and what was before a great happy colony of Muslims praying together happily on time(most of the time =D), now no more the case. The very person who always wakes up early and couple other guys was one block and three blocks from the other bunch. How will we face this test? Allah knows best. Its a test devotion from what I could tell. But as for me, it's easier because now, jama'ah is 3 times closer than before, with this ni'mah, it's expected upon me to be more punctual on jama'ah. =0 no? OF COURSE YES!

Everyone is still booting up, clubs are quite, posters zilch, waiting for our new and expected to be cute foundation students.

How about tarbiyah, tarbiyah as always 1 months ahead of plan, ready for new semester and challenges ahead. Felt so far out, mostly due to industrial training. I've been out of reach most of the time.

Chee broke his leg. OMG OMG OMG. Godspeed Chee! May you have better leg than before. Speedy recovery my friend and have a good final year!

Couple of days ago I read one du'a which really opened up my heart and had been using them since then. Hope you too could benefit from it.

So [Solomon] smiled, amused at her speech, and said, "My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do righteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercy into [the ranks of] Your righteous servants."


Congrats Iman and Balqies for the good news. May this will increase our love to Allah SWT! InshaAllah.

Oh ye terjumpe gambar lama ni.

Cramping into Jue's kancil when there was no return Friday prayer bus. XDD

4 comment:

B. Arafia says:
at: March 3, 2011 at 2:26 PM said...

jazakallah khair :)

Z says:
at: March 3, 2011 at 7:35 PM said...

Udin is such a nice guy! He's so bubbly and outgoing..he's really fun to talk to, he can make someone's day..haha :)

This sem kita struggle sama2..I've got a big burden extra 25 credit hour :(

Btw I love the last picture tee hee hee~

Syafiq Afifi says:
at: March 3, 2011 at 10:09 PM said...

din nurudin?

haha. dia dari sini pindah sana. kereta dia kat sini ferrari do!

btw, silap kita gak dlu time bercolony kat atas tu x menepati syarat2. bukan salah kita, tapi salah aku kot. kan aku kadang2 suka blok pintu tu. wakakkaka

skang sume kena sepah2kan

a.j. says:
at: March 4, 2011 at 1:00 AM said...

Balqies: wa iyyakum

z: u talked about udin mcm tak kena dgn gambar. Im getting a mix signal XDD joking

syafiq: ye ke! memang tahu die kaye. kaye dengan sopan santun dan kemurnian.

Nak buak comano gi tet. Allah dah tetapkan, kun fa ya kun. Segala sesuatu mempunyai hikmah tersendiri. Tanggungjawab kita untuk menyingkapi.