Ramadhan Half Time

Alhamdulillah, so we've reached the second half of Ramadhan. Oh Allah, give us strength to endure the night with You, and bless us to be among those who praise you during lailatul qadr. Amin!

I had my second game last week, after almost a week of fitness training and prep not to faint, I played well for almost 10 minutes, before having a white out vision. But managed to control not to faint and played whole half-time, "pelan-pelan". Been busy with assignments and labs. Yesterday had some free time, so I recorded another all time favorite nasheed,

I'tiraf - Raihan, covered with ukelele.

Have a good last 10 of Ramadhan. Time to strive ! Gambatteh Neh!

salam, aj.

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