Maybe I should call tonight

Sometimes you wish that you dont sleep as much
Sometimes you wish you are not self centered as you were
Sometimes you wish you did not play guitar as much
Sometimes you wish you werent on piano every single hour
Sometimes you wish life was not just about assignments and lab reports
Sometimes you wish that you helped along with chores so very often
Sometimes you wish you've folded two bakul or of baju or more every day
Sometimes you wish you were the one driving them to teh tarik every single night
Sometimes you wish you've talked more and worrying less
Sometimes you wish you listen more and argue less
Sometimes you wish that you've kissed and hug more than you did

I would have called tonight. but its too late at night. So i listen to this tonight. Wishing I could have been better every single day, and if Allah allow me to see you both once again, I'll be grateful for it and give my best to make those wishes come true. But if I don't, take this as a kind gesture that I'll continue to strive to be a better men than I am yesterday, and hopefully my sons daughters will have a sip of what you both taught me, which I cant repay nor relive it even for a second.

But I'll try.

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at: September 20, 2011 at 9:45 AM said...

Luv u always