The lost cover

Couple of minutes to go before its 4 am. We've been on the road for more than 3 hours, ive spent the last day light covering a song for friends and someone who i am uncertain of, hero by enrique iglesias, 80% to completion, stopped for usrah at subang at 8.00 pm teh tarik at midnight then received phone call auntie nur's dad passed away so we had to go back terengganu the same night. I dont think I'll be finishing the cover, those who had listen to the song may have guessed why. Adam was born in heaven with extremities of heavenly pleasure, apparently only Eve can make him whole. When he was outcasted in this world, God left out everything of his past life and gave him Eve to get through the tough days. I know its only humane to feel the same way as Adam did when he was seperated for centuries, but in this search, I always end up on the wrong ends, and its about to reach another dark end for me. But fret not friends, Ill try and find a better song for you guys, this song Ill keep for her and only her, and if im not destine to see anyone in this world, ill sing it to the angels in the heaven. Ive been having a serious digestion problem for a few days now and it was painful and had fever for few days, im still not sure about being in Terengganu, but sure am certain its better risk dying rather than spending time in front of guitar and electric piano this time around. If this pain doesnt go away by tomorrow, im afraid im gonna need hospitalization. Hope it does not go that far. To make up to that lost cover, heres a song on my single song playlist i played when im in ikano the whole yesternoon.

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